Japanese slang

Translation: You Playboy!
Use it: Girls say it to a cheating lover.

“Nani iro-no shitagi-o tsuketeru-no?”
Translation: What color are your panties?
Use it: Guys say to a girl, hinting that they want to find out for

“Boku-wa aisu kurimu-o issho-ni taberu hito-ga inai-no.”
Translation: I don’t have anyone to share ice cream with.
Use it: This will get a guy a date instantly. Japanese girls LOVE ice cream!

Translation: I’m Drunk.
Use it: Before you pass out!

“Asa sekkusu-suru-no suki?”
Translation: Do you like to make love in the morning?
Use it: For fun!

“Ikkai neta-dake-desho, Teishu-zura shinaide!”
Translation: We only went to bed once, don’t act like my husband!
Use it: Girls say it to a “fatal attraction”.

“Akachan-ni-tsuite-no hono yomi-haji-nayo.”
Translation: Start reading books about babies.
Use it: Japanese girls use the beat-around-the-bush method of telling big
news like this.

“Mo ichido tesuto-o ukete!”
Translation: Take the test again!
Use it: Guys, here’s a good response, if the previous phrase is ever said
to you!

“Motto tsuyoi nomimono-o tanonde.”
Translation: Order me a stronger drink.
Use it: Girls use this to let a guy know that you wanna get drunk with him!

“Doko-ga kanjiru-ka oshiete!”
Translation: Show me your erogenous areas!
Use it: To have fun with someone!

“Mo owatta?”
Translation: Finished already?”
Use it: I’m sure you can figure this out alone.

“Koshu benjo!”
Translation: Public toilet!
Use it: Guys say it to a girl, meaning she’ll let anyone use her!

Translation: I had her!
Use it: When kissing and telling.

“Choshoku-no miso-shiru-o tsukutte kureru?”
Translation: Will you make my miso soup for breakfast?”
Use it: Guys, this is a marriage proposal.

“Anata-wa atashi-o oitetta!”
Translation: You left me stranded!
Use it: When very, very, angry!

“Nanka yo?”
Translation: Do you wanna say something?
Use it: Japanese are infamous for staring, this will stop it.

Translation: You’re really stupid!”
Use it: Someday you’ll need this one!

“Yakimochi yakuna-yo!”
Translation: Don’t be jealous!
Use it: as a great comeback!

Translation: I can’t decide what to do with my chopsticks.
Use it: When everything in sight looks real yummy!

“Makudonarudo nashi-ja ikirarenai!”
Translation: I can’t live without my McDonalds!
Use it: I just thought this was cute!

“Oidasareru-made iyo!”
Translation: Let’s stay here till they throw us out!
Use it: When having a totally cool time with someone.

“Bakku si-toni suwaro!”
Translation: Let’s get jump in the back seat!
Use it: Most Japanese live at home until thier marriage day, so use this

“Anata-wa yarashii-koto kangaeteru!”
Translation: You’re thinking dirty thoughts!
Use it: You’ll know when you need it.

Translation: So are you!
Use it: As a good response to the above phrase.

“So-yu kangae suki!”
Translation: I like that kind of thinking!
Use it: As an even better response!

Translation: You’re so ugly!
Use it: The absolute worst thing to tell a Japanese girl.

Translation: You’re lacking in the ‘brave’ department!
Use it: The absolute worst thing to tell a Japanese guy.

“Poketto-ni futon-ga haiteru!”
Translation: I have a futon in my pocket!
Use it: As a cute joke!

“Tabako Kureru?”
Translation: Can I have a cigarette?
Use it: Comes in handy if you smoke.

Translation: WOW!
Use it: With your hand on your chest and your heart beating really fast!
*Special thanks to Jason for submitting this phrase*

“Kimi-wa boku-no kokoro-wo nusunda!”
Translation: You stole my heart!
Use it: When in love!
*Special thanks to KAZU for submitting this phrase*

Translation: May I have sex with you?
Use it: Carefully!
*Special thanks to Thomas for submitting this phrase*

Translation: Sound of drinking.
Use it: For fun when drinking!
*Special thanks to Toshikazu for submitting this phrase*

Japanese Slang Vol 2!

“Nihongo Hanaso.”
Translation: Let’s chat in Japanese.
Use it: In chat rooms, or on the phone.

“Tanoshiso Dane.”
Translation: You look like you’re having fun.
Use it: Out with a friend or umm… someone fun!

“Sofuto Kurimu ga Hoshii!”
Translation: I want some Ice Cream!
Use it: As a nice excuse to get a date!

“Mou sukoshi nonde.”
Translation: Have a bit more to drink.
Use it: Said many times throughout the night, this is a sure way to get
your date drunk!

“Tsumete, Suwarasete.”
Translation: Scoot over and let me sit down.
Use it: To get the seat next to the hottie on the shinkansen.

Translation: Pervert!
Use it: A nice reply when a hand “accidently” touches you in the crowd.

“Tanoshii kattara iru.”
Translation: If you show me a good time, I’ll stay.
Use it: In other words, I wanna stay, so let’s have some fun!

“Mongen Nanji?”
Translation: When’s your curfew?
Use it: Ask this before you start having fun!

Translation: I won’t drink!
Use it: To say get away, you have no chance of being my drinking buddy

“Aitsu okii noga suki nandaze!”
Translation: She must like big ones!
Use it: Sometimes said to a Japanese girl dating a foreigner.

“Yoku koko kuru-no?”
Translation: Do you come here often?”
Use it: A cheesy male pick-up line.

“kireina hitomi dane!”
Translation: You have beautiful eyes!
Use it: Another cheesy male pick-up line.

“Isshoni yoake-no kohi nomanai?”
Translation: Do you want to drink morning coffe together?”
Use it: Kinda like saying “Wanna spend the night with me?”.

“Gaman dekinai yo!”
Translation: I can’t stand you!
Use it: When angry!

“Teme konoyaro!”
Translation: You Dog!
Use it: Girls, someday you’ll need this one!

“Tabete miru?”
Translation: Will you try this?
Use it: When allowing your date to sample your dish.

“Moto chodai?”
Translation: Can I have another bite?
Use it: If your dates dish was delicious.

Translation: You’re so sexy!
Use it: Say this next time you see someone hot, but don’t know what to say!

“Watashi wo ieni tsretete!”
Translation: Take me home!
Use it: When you’re really not having as much fun as you thought you would!

“Baka iwanai deyo!”
Translation: Don’t say stupid things!
Use it: You’ll know when you need it.

“Denwa shite mo-ii?”
Translation: Can I call you?
Use it: When you wanna get someone’s phone number.

“Anata no koto wasurenai!”
Translation: I will never forget you!
Use it: This is a sweet romantic break-up line!

“Honto-ni aishiteru-nara sashimi taberu-te kikanaide!”
Translation: If you really love me, stop asking me to eat sashimi!
Use it: As a cute joke!

Translation: Let’s Party!
Use it: Hey, if you’re like me, use this very often!

“Aishiteta wa.”
Translation: I loved you.
Use it: Another good way to say “Bye-Bye”.

“Kisu shite moii?”
Translation: Can I kiss you?
Use it: On a first date.


8 Responses to Japanese slang

  1. Bao nói:

    Tuan oi,
    Co cach nao post bang hiragana va kanzi nhung cau tieng Nhat do duoc ko, tu dung phien am ra romanji thay giong hoc tieng boi qua.

  2. phương mai nói:

    anh có tài liệu tự học Tiếng Nhật viết bằng tiếng Việt không?anh gửi cho em qua địa chỉ phuongmai_chungthuy@yahoo.com nhe!

  3. truc nói:

    Bua nay em moi dc biet den trang nay, tiec ghe. Anh Bao noi dung do, anh viet Romanji kho doc wa’. Hik hik.

  4. Awesome post! You have a great blog, absolutely the best Ive read so far. I will be looking forward to your next entry. Thanks again.

  5. Dat Nguyen nói:

    So handy! Esp when dating a girl :))
    Thank you very much! Domo arigato ^^

  6. quang tuyen nói:

    私はtuyen です

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