Japanese Smiling Daily Proverbs

One way to enjoy Japanese life is that always keep smiles in your face.



“Ichi nichi isshou”

A smile a day.



“Genki kubari, Egao kubari”

Be generous with your energy. Be generous with your smiles.


3笑顔は歯みがきのよなもの 毎日毎日磨かなきゃ

“Egao wa hamigaki no yo na mono mainichi mainichi migakanakya”

A smile is like a toothbrush. You have to use it regularly to keep your teeth shiny clean.



“Hito wa homerareru no ga daisuki dakara uun to homete”

People love to be praised so do so with all your might.



Egao wa noryoku.”

A smiling radiates competence.



Anata ga suki, shigoto ga suki, egao ga dai suki.”

I like you, I like work, I love your smile.



“Kotoba yonjyu pasento,hyoujou jyugo pasento, omoi jyugo pasento, egao sanjyu pasento, goukei komyuniikeshon hyaku pasento”

40% words, 15% facial expression, 15% memories, 30% smile, total =100% communication.


“Egao wa ikiru enerugi.”

Your smile is your life force.


“Suu iki yori mo haku iki nagaku,fuku shiki kokyuu de,nagai iki nagai iki”

It is better to exhale deeply than to inhale. Breathe deeply from the abdomen for a long breath equals long life.

10: 笑顔は心のアクセサリー今日はどの笑顔

“Egao wa kokoro no akusesari Kyo wa dono egao”

Your smile is your heart’s accessory. What kind of smile will you wear today?

11: 笑顔があれば、自分が変える、他人が変える、運命が変える。

“Egao ga areba jibun ga kaeru tanin ga kaeru unmei ga kaeru”

If you smile you can change yourself, others and your future.

12: 誰にでもまちがいはある、だからエンピツにも消しゴムがついている。

“Dare ni demo machigai wa aru dakara empitsu ni mo keshigomu ga tsuite iru.”

Everyone makes mistakes.That’s why there is an eraser on every pencil.

13: 百語より一笑

“Hyaku go yori isshou”

A smile is worth a thousand words.

14: 自信に満ちた人の笑顔はかがやいている。

“Jishin ni michita hito no egao wa kagayaite iru”

A person filled will confidence has a brilliant smile.

15: ほほえみは心と体の特攻薬

“Hohoemi wa kokoro to karada no tokkouyaku”

A smile is a special remedy for an injured mind and body

16: うれしいから笑う、楽しいから笑う、泣きたい時こそ笑う。

“Ureshi kara warau tanoshiii kara warau nakitai toki koso warau”

You smile because you are happy. You smile because it is fun. When you want to cry you should smile.

17: 何を見て、何を考えるかであなたの笑顔がきまる

“Nani o mite nani o kangaeru ka de anata no egao ga kimaru”

Your smile determines how you see and think about the world around you.

18: 笑顔の一語一恵

“Egao no ichigo ichie”

The smile that blesses in a word is a very precious thing.

(this is almost impossible to translate and I am just guessing here)

19: 八笑、七敗、一笑懸命

“Hasshou nanahai isshoukenmei”

Eight wins(smiles), seven losses; do (smile) your best.

(this is a play on kanji using “smile” in place of the real characters – sound is the same)


(Please tell me if you found mistakes in my Japanese)


5 Responses to Japanese Smiling Daily Proverbs

  1. Viet nói:

    không rành tiếng nhật lắm, nhưng nghĩ không ai dùng #6 đâu. hạn chế dùng anata, thay vào đó bằng tên-san…

  2. Bao nói:

    5/noryoku fai viet Han tu chu NANG (~luc) chu sao lai viet chu DA~ ?
    7/ omoi viet chu TU (omoi dashi) chu sao viet chuTRONG?
    9/ Sao ko viet Han tu cho ve dau ? Doc hoi kho hieu ngay ca tieng Anh.
    fuku shiki ko kyuu de, nagai iki nagai iki : (By breathing deeply from the abdomen/stomatch, a deep breath brings a long life?) Muon dich chu “de” that sat voi nghia la “by the way of” ma sao van thay hoi lung cung!
    I wonder what materials you are using to study Japanese, but truly they are quite interesting. Obviously, proverbs can n’t be translated by understanding the meaning of each word (as they are very special), thus i suggest you translate the true meaning behind the whole sentence (figurative sense) i/o their literal sense 🙂
    Ex. #3 is very funny in English.

  3. minhcom nói:

    Hi, anh Minh day. Tu skype mo ra cai blog nay cua em. Trinh do tieng Nhat the nao roi, anh thi chua thu hoc bao gio nen chang hieu gi ca :). Hoc tot nhe’

  4. My Hanh nói:

    konnichiwa Tuan san!

    anata wa nihongo ga jozu desne!

  5. Mình cũng muốn học Tiếng Nhật mà thấy khó quá bạn ơi, nhìn thấy chữ là sợ rồi, hic, có cách nào học dễ không bạn ?

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